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What IT setup do I need for an online course?2023-06-20T15:16:29+09:30

You will need:

  • a computer/tablet/phone
  • speakers or headphones as the videos have sound
  • stable internet connection capable of streaming video
I’m a member of Active Ageing Australia – why can’t I log in?2023-06-20T15:25:34+09:30

We’ve recently consolidated online member and user profile databases. For the most part, the online experience is improved.

You will now be able to use one profile to access membership, the Shop and eLearning modules.

If you believe your profile should exist, please try resetting your password using your username or email address.

Stuck? Reach out to us!

Will my access expire?2023-06-20T15:26:37+09:30

Unless specified otherwise, your enrolment will give you lifetime access.

I’m not a member with Active Ageing Australia – can I still access discounts for online learning?2023-06-20T15:28:08+09:30

No, you can’t – discounts are a member benefit.

If you would like to become a member, you can sign up anytime!

I’m a member with Active Ageing Australia – does my training discount still work for online learning?2023-06-20T15:28:56+09:30

Yes, the member discount structure for the online learning is the same as it is for our face to face workshops.

The discount code you received when you signed up to be a member with us will be valid when you register for online learning.

I would like to enroll a group of staff members to do the training, how can I do this?2023-06-20T15:31:50+09:30

Group and team registrations are welcome!

Please contact us at admin@activeageing.org.au and someone will be in touch with you to discuss the best solution for enrolling large groups into our online courses.

Are there any prerequisites for the online learning Modules?2023-06-20T15:32:53+09:30

There are currently no prerequisite requirements for any of the online Modules that Active Ageing Australia offer. With the exception of having to first complete the Easy Moves core course, to gain access to the Easy Moves exercise program modules.

If you are unsure if a course is suitable for you or your organisation’s needs, please contact us to discuss.

Why can’t I access the quiz at the end of a lesson?2023-06-20T15:35:31+09:30

All of the steps in a lesson preceding a quiz need to be finished and marked as complete to progress to the quiz.

Some computers with high level firewalls may block the quiz section from popping up. If you believe this has happened try logging into eLearning on a different device and see if you have access.

If you do not have access and have successfully completed the preceding steps, it may be an error that needs to be reported to Active Ageing Australia by emailing admin@activeageing.org.au

I uploaded the wrong video into ‘assignments’ in an Easy Moves Exercise Program, what do I do?2023-06-20T15:36:34+09:30

If you accidentally upload the wrong video, please email admin@activeageing.org.au and notify us with an approximate time so we know how to identify the incorrect file.

We will then be in touch with you about options for re-uploading the correct video file.

I was enrolled as part of a large group by a manager/supervisor, how do I access the courses?2023-06-20T15:38:30+09:30

A user account will be created for you based on your email address and name by a staff member from Active Ageing Australia, this will also include a temporary password. This will be emailed directly to you using the provided email address, or provided to your manager/superviser. If you did not receive an email or are unsure what your log in details are please email admin@activeageing.org.au and a team member will be in touch.

If you organisation has purchased bulk log-ins or a license, an access code will be provided to the organisation to adjust the course access price accordingly. Please contact your manager/superviser for the code, or email admin@activeageing.org.au with your name and organisation and a team member will be able to provide the code to you.

I have completed the quiz, why can’t I progress?2023-06-20T15:39:13+09:30

The quiz sections of the online courses are classified as either ungraded or graded.

Unless stated otherwise, each graded quiz section requires a successful answer mark of 80% before you will be able to continue with the course.

The answers to the quiz questions will be found in either the module or the course supporting material. Most of our graded quizzes are able to be re-taken as many times as you need.

Why can’t I log in?2023-06-20T15:40:44+09:30

There are few steps you can take if you are having problems logging in.

You can reset your password using either your username or email address.

If you can’t remember your username or email to submit the ‘forgot password’ form, please email admin@activeageing.org.au and we will assist you as soon as we can.

I would like to make a complaint about a course, how do I do this?2023-06-20T15:44:51+09:30

Active Ageing Australia will make every reasonable effort to resolve quickly and fairly a complaint made by a student.

If a complaint is regarding the assessment of competency during the exercise demonstration, a student should first raise the complaint or grievance with the Easy Moves Assessor (if being assessed in-house) at a suitable time during the assessment session.

If the complaint does not relate to exercise demonstration, can’t be resolved on the spot during the session (in-house assessment), or the participant has submitted a video assessment, the complaint should be directed to admin@activeageing.org.au in writing using the student complaint form. Active Ageing Australia will respond within three business days confirming that the complaint has been received.

A copy of the complaint flowchart can be viewed here.

A full version of the complaint procedure can be viewed here.

A copy of the complaint form used in the process can be viewed here.

Are there any learning materials for the courses, and if so, where are they?2023-06-20T15:48:23+09:30

Any relevant learning materials for each module can be found in the ‘Materials’ tab of any launched Module:

The tab can be found within either a lesson or module, and will only show up if there is course material available.

The content will be available to download by clicking the link.

Can I access all of a Module’s content once I start it?2023-06-20T15:49:35+09:30

In most cases, no – a Module will be specifically tailored for start-to-finish learning. You’ll only be able to access Module content up to and including your own progress.

You will always be able to revisit already-completed Module content at any stage.

If you have a question regarding a particular Module, please contact us or email admin@activeageing.org.au.

Can I begin a Module and return to it later?2023-06-20T16:43:36+09:30

Yes, you can complete a Module in as many sittings as you like.

Your online profile will save progress and allow you to pick up where you left off.


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