5 for 10

5 for 10 is a Program which encourages participation in sport and recreation.

Funded by The Office for Recreation and Sport, the 5 for 10 Program supports clubs and associations to develop ways to assist older adults to remain involved with or take up a sport or recreational activity. Contact us for more information.

Interested in a 5 for 10 Program?

The 5 for 10 Program provides an affordable opportunity for older adults to try something new or get back to an activity you may not have done for many years.

Activities may be modified where necessary to suit abilities.

Contact us for information.

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Active Ageing Australia is committed to working with clubs and organisations that meet the requirements of SA Government legislation and the Office for Recreation and Sport.

All members who sign up to a sport or recreation organisation, can rightly expect that they will be protected from harassment, discrimination or harm from others in the organisation.