CelebrateAge Awards 2016

All Ages Fun Day at Adelaide Zoo
September 15, 2017
Active Ageing Week ’17 Posters
September 29, 2017

Winners in the #CelebrateAge Award Individual Category were:

Lily Boyce

For excellent long standing service as a valued community volunteer running a variety of exercise classes and for championing walking as a Heart Foundation Walk leader. Lily has always had a passion for running, walking, exercising and holiday trips. With this in mind and aiming to share her energy, she cleverly manages to entwine her interests with volunteering, becoming a volunteer exercise leader, walk leader and holiday organiser for those who may not have the confidence to travel alone. These community trips are always full to capacity and everyone comes back energised, full of laughter and with stories to tell families and friends.

Margaret Day

For her years of service championing cycling for recreation and for transport. Margaret is the founder of the Australian Bike Friday club which has met annually for 20 years of to enjoy social riding trips to raise funds for Guide Dogs. Margaret has initiated cycling events across regional SA which has brought large groups of cyclists to country towns. In doing so she engages with local tourism operators, councils and police, to ensure that country communities benefit.

Pam Fiala

For long standing community contribution and positive active role modelling as a Trees for Life volunteer. At an age where most people would be happy to potter in the garden or relax in a chair to read the paper, Pam is still (and for the last 20 years) going out to her Bush For Life site and spraying with a 5 litre spray unit or getting down on her hands and knees hand weeding and cutting & swabbing. Pam is wonderful example of active ageing. She displays, agility, positivity and determination as she has tends to her site in Belair as part of the Trees For Life volunteer team. Pam is a great example of being positive, active and having a sense of purpose at every Age!

Winners in the #CelebrateAge Award Club Category were:

Blackwood Fitness

For innovative and inclusive program design. Blackwood have established a positive reputation for providing quality, all age friendly and accessible services and programs. The timetable provides many options for older adults at all levels of fitness and the club is committed to creating a vibrant and family oriented culture. Blackwood Fitness continues to build their reputation across the industry as an All Age Friendly club providing choice, support and social opportunities for older members.

Flagstaff Hill Tennis Club

For increasing opportunities for older people to remain connected to and enjoying sport. Flagstaff hill Tennis Club have demonstrated that increasing options for modified traditional sporting activities and tailoring activities and marketing strategies to older residents more people can regain the joy of sport and benefit from participation no matter what age.
Flagstaff Hill Tennis club has Rusty Tennis, social interaction and inclusive sport experiences)


For assisting community members to connect through movement.
There were multiple nominations for Modfit which is testament to the success of this program and to the vibrancy and skills of group leader Caroline Dowling.
Modfit continues to grow each year and is acknowledged for offering a positive experience for all who attend. Nominations were received form many of the participants with examples of how they have connected with others and have experienced greater comfort, increased fitness and enhanced functional movement through attending the program. The ModFit program is a wonderful example of positive and active ageing and the benefits of connecting with others through movement.

Winners in the #CelabrateAge Award Community Organisation Category were:

Vietnamese Community Australia SA Chapter

For their numerous programs and initiatives supporting healthy eating, being active and positive wellbeing.

Southern Cross Care

For innovation and system wide health promotion approaches and innovation in early intervention. Southern Cross is an outstanding example of policy, workforce program development and culture change. The Southern Cross Care approach has been recognised as world class best practice and provides a model and practical examples of evidence to practice.

District Council of Barunga West

For their commitment to creating an age friendly and inclusive environment for residents and visitors alike. The District Council of Barunga West are setting the benchmark for inclusive infrastructure projects that enable all ages and abilities to access quality outdoor recreation experiences.

The City of Salisbury

The City of Salisbury has been a leading healthy city for many years and have been on the cutting edge of innovation in policy programs and built environment initiatives. The City of Salisbury provides outstanding examples of Community wide Health and Wellbeing policy and programs that are enhancing the lives of all residents. An example being the innovative “Age Friendly Salisbury Strategy”.
We would like to acknowledge the leadership of Jim Binder who has been at the forefront of a range of health and wellbeing initiatives for many years and is a true asset to the City of Salisbury and its people.