Cycle Salisbury Social Rides 5th Birthday Ride

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July 24, 2018
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August 24, 2018
Cycle Salisbury 5th Birthday Ride

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Cycle Salisbury Social Rides 5th Birthday Ride

Join us on Saturday 8 September at Carisbrooke Reserve, Salisbury Park (opposite the Old Spot Hotel) on a variety of ride options suitable for everyone (with either a hybrid or mountain bike) as we celebrate 5 successful years of the Cycle Salisbury Social Rides program.

Registration from 9.30am. Rides commence at 10am.
Meeting Point : Shelter Shed, Carisbrook Park Reserve, Main North Rd, Salisbury Park (opposite the Old Spot Hotel)

Cycle Salisbury Social Rides 5th birthday celebrations:

Various rides all leaving from shelter shed to suit all abilities including (but not limited to) a fast paced and slower paced ride along Little Para and/or Dry Creek Trails; Mountain bike ride to Cobblers Creek to explore trails. Suitable for hybrid or mountain bikes. Riders and their partners are then invited to join us for lunch (at own cost) in the beer garden of the Old Spot Hotel, Main North Road, Salisbury Park (opp Carisbrooke Park) from 12noon.

What is the Cycle Salisbury Social Rides program and how does it work?

Commencing in September 2013, The Cycle Salisbury Social rides program is a collaboration between Bike SA, the City of Salisbury and volunteers. The ‘Cycle Salisbury Social rides’ program is about getting more people riding more often by having volunteers lead low level social rides that support both people starting out (or re-commencing their cycling journey) and those just looking for a casual ride. The Cycle Salisbury Social Rides Program aims to get more people riding more often. ‘more bums on bikes’

The Cycle Salisbury Social Rides program is a weekly program of low level (short distance & low difficulty) social group rides for adults, led by a trained volunteer ride leader. The rides occur mainly within the City of Salisbury and surrounds, although occasionally an ‘outing’ ride may be organised.

Rides are suitable for people with hybrid or mountain-bikes and take advantage of the City of Salisbury’s 77km’s of off road trail network. There are no bookings, riders just need to be at the ride location before the advertised start time. If they have any questions they contact the relevant ride leader.

The volunteer ride leaders that lead these rides have been trained by Bike SA, are bike SA members and are covered by their insurances. Bike SA have appointed a local Ride Coordinator who is the liaison with the Salisbury ride leaders and Bike SA.

The message to the community is that there are some very good reasons to ride a bike including health, environmental, economic and social benefits and that is a fun activity to do with family and friends.

We find that participants ‘come for the physical…but they stay for the social’. Feedback has included – it’s a chance to exercise ; good for my health ; meet new people ; shows me where I can ride…and from the ride leaders… ‘I love seeing the joy the participants get out of the rides and seeing their confidence and fitness improve over time’.

Here is what one of our participants has had to say…

‘you have no idea how much being a part of the Cycle Salisbury Social Rides has meant to me – it has changed my life and wellbeing in so many ways and I can’t wait for more involvement… I have been a proud resident of Salisbury for 25 years, yet in the last 6 months or so I have experienced the greatest benefits of our area, the local parks, bike/walking trails, gym equipment and so much more. Thank you to Salisbury Council and all those involved in this program for providing the most fun way of enjoying the outdoors, exercise and good friendships – all whilst being in my own ‘backyard’. Simone, Paralowie

We are REALLY proud of the achievements of the Cycle Salisbury Social Rides program. A BIG thank you to all our Bike SA volunteer ride leaders (current leaders - Elaine, Mark, Nigel, Des, Bryce & Jim and past leaders – Steve, Graham, Craig & Robert) for their dedication & work in making this such a successful program.

Over the 5 years we have averaged an offering of 118 rides for people to join each year, which is an amazing achievement!

We look forward to another successful year to come! come on...jump on your bike and come out riding with us…there is just so much to explore!

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