Easy Moves is now available!

Published On: November 18, 2022|Categories: AAA News, e-Learning|

Easy Moves (previously Easy Moves for Active Ageing EMAA) is now available!

What’s new

Online delivery means with a computer and internet connection, this course is lower cost, more accessible and convenient. Updated and new content developed by health professionals and group fitness experts.

A new exercise program model offers more choice and variety for Easy Moves Leaders and group participants. ‘Build your own Easy Moves exercise programs’ – start with the Easy Moves theory course and then select the exercise programs which best suit your needs and the needs of your participants.
Exercise programs are pre-choreographed (meaning the exercises, sets, reps, and order are provided to you), meaning safer and more consistent classes for the participants (exercise program courses available from March 2021).

20 minute exercise programs enable the Easy Moves Exercise Program Leader to ‘mix and match’ a range of function based exercise classes Active Ageing Australia will continue to develop and add new exercise programs modules which Easy Moves Leaders can complete on demand. Keep adding to your exercise program repertoire to offer your participants more choice and variety, and keep them coming back!Visit our learning portal to access the course – https://learn.activeageing.org.au/modules/easy-moves/.

How the model works

To become an Easy Moves Leader and Licenced Easy Moves Instructor firstly complete the:

  • Easy Moves Core course
  • Theory only, competency based, Certificate of completion

To become a Licenced Easy Moves Instructor, complete:

  • Easy Moves Exercise Programs courses
  • Theory and practical assessment, Certificate of Completion
  • Receive 12 month license to instruct the exercise program learnt (applies to each exercise program course completed)

After 12 months, the license is renewed and an online revision course is completed.

RRP – $220 for the theory module, $176 for each Easy Moves exercise program license.

If you have any questions or queries about the new Easy Moves course or what the new model means for current EMAA leaders please contact admin@activeageing.org.au

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