EMAA® Leader, Level 2 Graduates!

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July 13, 2018
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August 21, 2018
EMAA Leader Level 2

Congratulations to our very first EMAA® Leader, Level 2 Graduates!


Congratulations to our very first Easy Moves for Active Ageing (EMAA®) Leader, Level 2 graduates (pictured above)! Here's what they had to say...

A great learning experience, fantastic to meet other EMAA® Leaders and share experiences!
Brilliant presenters made this a great educational and fun day!
The new exercises and refreshing techniques are excellent!
Very pleased with the whole course.
Loved your team!

EMAA® Leader, Level 2 replaces the old EMAA® Update course and is available to all EMAA® Leaders who want to build on their skills and knowledge.*

EMAA® Leader, Level 2 is available to anyone who has undertaken the Easy Moves for Active Ageing Program (EMAA® Leader, Level 1). Our new on-demand learning model means you can enrol as soon as you’d like (we no longer require the 2 year update waiting period)!

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*If you attended the EMAA® Update workshop on 7 December 2017 or 19 March 2018, a generous 70% discount will apply. Places are limited, please contact our Programs Manager Tom Craig to secure your place.

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