I was enrolled as part of a large group by a manager/supervisor, how do I access the courses?

2023-06-20T15:38:30+09:30June 20, 2023|, , |

A user account will be created for you based on your email address and name by a staff member from Active Ageing Australia, this will also include a temporary password. This will be emailed directly to you using the provided email address, or provided to your manager/superviser. If you did not receive an email or are unsure what your log in details are please email admin@activeageing.org.au and a team member will be in touch.

If you organisation has purchased bulk log-ins or a license, an access code will be provided to the organisation to adjust the course access price accordingly. Please contact your manager/superviser for the code, or email admin@activeageing.org.au with your name and organisation and a team member will be able to provide the code to you.

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