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December 4, 2017
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December 18, 2017

Fitness on the Park

Robbie Bradshaw

This is a most inspiring story and shows what we can achieve with determination and hard work. Robbie rejoined Fitness on the Park in 2016 after 3 years in Sydney. She was determined to get fit and was doing her own programme on the treadmill. She was excited by her progress, managing to run 5km in about 45 minutes and then 8km, then 10km, 12km and 15km. By now she was running 10km in 60 minutes. At this stage Robbie needed a goal. A friend suggested she sign up for the Jodie Lee Foundation fundraising run for awareness of bowel cancer - a 42km run on 19th May, from Myponga to Petrol Cove near Victor Harbor. Robbie continued to train 3-4 times a week with the goal of running 30-40 km a week. As she had never run a marathon before her goal was just to complete the 42km. On the day of the event, it poured with rain the whole time and was 11 degrees! Robbie set off in the dark at her own pace with 230 other entrants .

Robbie tells the story,“After Checkpoint One I caught the lead group and thought to myself, if I can keep up with them I could maybe come 10th. As the event progressed, more dropped off the pace whilst I managed to maintain mine. Eventually I came 3rd in a time of 5 hours and 40 minutes! “I surprised many people including myself and especially my beloved husband. He missed the finish because he didn’t believe I would finish in that time. He went to the last checkpoint to ask where the runners were and was told that there was a breakaway group and was asked ‘would your wife be one of them?’ His reply was ‘definitely not!’. “I continue to train, looking at other running events as a goal. In the process of my training I have lost 13kg. “Thank you to Fitness on the Park for supporting me and enabling me to reach my goal and hopefully future runs. Also thankyou to other gym members for their encouragement."

Robbie raised $2,500 for the Jodie Lee Foundation.

Congratulations Robbie on your amazing achievement.