ChiBall Gentle Moves

What is ChiBall Gentle Moves?

ChiBall Gentle Moves is a unique experience of colour, music and flowing movement. With foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, it is a synergy of six ancient and modern movement disciplines from the East and the West, including Tai Chi-Qi Gong, ChiBall Dance, Yoga, Pilates, ChiBall release and Deep relaxation.

The ChiBall is a tool that makes it easy for participants to follow and can both challenge and facilitate movement. The exercises of the Gentle Moves version are ideal for older adults, or those with limited mobility. Low impact exercises are taught from both sitting and standing positions. It is a “feel good” and uplifting experience which has been embraced by participants with a range of abilities and conditions including balance and mobility issues, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.


How will ChiBall Gentle Moves benefit your clients?

  • Improving general health, well being and harmony
  • Enhancing concentration, mobility, coordination and balance
  • Improving posture and strength
  • Reducing back and shoulder pain
  • Toning and encouraging core strength
  • Stimulating the flow of energy and breath
  • Relieving stress and tension

The 2 Day Training Program

There are no pre-requisites for this 2 day course presented by Judith McKenzie, Master Trainer of ChiBall Older Adults – just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.