Fresh Moves Workshops

Fresh Moves Workshops

A series of Active Ageing Australia workshops. These workshops are aimed at allied health professionals, fitness leaders and instructors who want to improve engagement of older adults in their classes. Each Fresh Moves workshop aims to freshen up existing routines by incorporating exercises that focus on cardiovascular health, agility, strength exercise, flexibility, balance, posture and brain challenges.

Fresh Moves 1 - Exercises for Older Adults

This workshop is for the more mobile older adult.

Fresh Moves 2 - Ideas for Chair based Exercise

This workshop is for the frail and less mobile participants.

Fresh Moves 3 - Introductory Workshop for ChiBall Gentle Moves

This workshop introduces participants to ChiBall based exercises for older adults.

Fresh Moves 4 - Mind Body Balance

This workshop is for the younger old, it is an active workshop that will include floor work.

Fresh Moves 5 - Tai Chi

This workshop is for anybody who would like to learn about Tai Chi exercises and integrate them into their exercise classes.

Fresh Moves 6 - Exercises for Parkinson's through dance

A session focusing on approaches to designing a class for those with Parkinson’s Disease.