HELP Workshops

HELP - Home Exercise & Lifestyle Program

Home based exercises and lifestyle changes are an effective way to improve the independence, health and physical abilities of older people. This workshop is suitable for anyone - no previous experience of training is needed.

What is HELP?

  • The HELP program is an exercise and lifestyle program suitable for older adults who need assistance or support to exercise.
  • The program empowers the individual by challenging them to take control of their own physical and mental health.
  • The program is based on evidence that small increases in physical activity will improve health and well-being and help reduce the incidence of falls.

    If you become a HELP Leader you can be a source of motivation, education and support. People who spend regular time with older people are ideal HELP Leaders.


Who is it for?

HELP workshops are for people who have limited experience with exercise or physical activity. It is designed to teach aged care providers, family members, volunteers, or carers who are interested in promoting physical activity and improving the quality of life in older adults.

HELP® exercises are suitable for everyone - from independent living to high level care.

How do I become a HELP Leader?

Contact us to register your interest.

A half day training workshop conducted by an accredited exercise physiologist experienced in working with older adults.

Leaders are trained to encourage participation in safe, effective exercises for older adults living in the community or aged care facilities. The Leaders will be trained to use the HAMP booklet of exercises which contains clear and easy to use diagrams and instructions covering flexibility, strength, balance and walking.

Contact us if you are interested in a HELP Train the Trainer Workshop. This workshop is for Health Professionals and Fitness Leaders with experience in exercise delivery. The workshops teaches the skills to be a Master Trainer in HELP and provided with the skills and tools to then deliver the HELP training program to Leaders in their own organisation / community.

Content of the HELP Workshops includes:

  • Aims of HELP
  • Benefits of exercise for older people
  • Experience the HELP exercises using the HAMP booklet
  • Bringing HELP to life - Barriers and Motivators
  • Reducing the incidence/ risk of falls in HELP participants
  • Expectations and your responsibilities - risk management
  • Tools to help you and your clients succeed—Action Plan, Activity Planner, Client Consent form, Medical Clearance forms, program evaluation.

  • Love the interaction with other like-minded people and hearing their experiences.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the past two days. Leaving with a lot more confidence.

  • Very well run and enjoyable. No pressure. Learned a lot.

  • Enjoyed the course. Fun, and feel confident to do a class

  • Great program - engaging, informative, easy to deliver and wonderfully presented.