Tai Chi Leader

What is it all about?

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention is a new workshop which is comprised of two existing evidence based programs, proven to improve falls prevention and overall health and quality of life.

This programme's effect on falls prevention has been researched through a number of falls prevention research studies. The programme is one of the three falls prevention Tai Chi programmes accepted by the Centre of Disease control and Prevention (USA). Read more

This unique course will provide you with two leadership qualifications - Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Falls Prevention.

The principals of this programs are:

  • Movement control - to help strengthen the deep muscles used to stabilise and support the spine and body
  • Weight transference - to assist with mobility, coordination and balance
  • Integration of the mind and body - to help increase confidence in a person's abilities, relieving the fear of falling

Who can become a Tai Chi Leader?

To be eligible for a Tai Chi Leader Certificate you need to already have suitable qualifications/ experience, for example:
  • Experienced Tai Chi student or teacher
  • Allied Health Professional
  • Accredited/Certified exercise instructor

This 2 day workshop includes:

  • Morning Tea and refreshments will be provided on both days