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Learn the theory to effectively lead Easy Moves classes.

Learn the theory to effectively lead Easy Moves classes.

A new program model offers more choice and variety for Easy Moves Leaders and group participants:

Build your own Easy Moves exercise programs – start with the Easy Moves theory course and then select the exercise programs which best suit your needs and the needs of your participants.

Updated content developed by health professionals and group fitness experts.

Topics include:

  • Healthy ageing and benefits of physical activity

  • The ageing process and exercise considerations for older adults

  • The human body, movement, and exercise

  • Becoming a great exercise leader

  • Using the Easy Moves operational guidelines

A new online delivery method means with a computer and internet connection, this course is lower cost, more accessible and convenient.

Exercise programs are pre-choreographed (meaning the exercises, sets, reps, and order are provided to you), meaning safer and more consistent classes for the participants.

20 minute exercise programs enable the Easy Moves Exercise Program Leader to ‘mix and match’ a range of function based exercise classes.

There are no prerequisite requirements for enrolling in the Easy Moves Theory Course.

Choose a module to read more about it.

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Standing 1

Relax and Meditate 1

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