Moving for Life Your Way FOUNDATIONS

Maximising abilities while isolated
April 8, 2020

Just released. NEW affordable resources to support safe exercise at home

Moving for Life Your Way FOUNDATIONS - book and DVD.

We have fast tracked the production of this book and DVD to provide more options for helping older people exercise safely at home.

The book:

32 full colour, easy to read pages

8 pages about the benefits of exercise, how to exercise safely at home and how to progress through the exercise upgrades

4 simple warm up exercises

6 essential exercises for strength and balance, with guidance on tracking progress, upgrading and downgrading the exercise difficulty.

4 simple stretching and flexibility exercises

The DVD:

To be used in conjunction with the book. This is not a stand alone exercise instruction DVD.

Reinforces the information in the book about how to exercise safely at home

Each exercise explained and demonstrated by a physiotherapist

Helpful additional information about posture, speed of movement and upgrading


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