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Welcome to the Introduction to Falls Prevention short course

Active Ageing Australia is proud to offer this very important online short course, which will help those working with or caring for older people to understand more about falls and falls prevention.

Every year, one in every three people over the age of 65 fall and as a person ages the risk of falling becomes even greater.  The majority of hospitalisations for older people are due to falls.

Now available nationally through our online learning portal, this course is updated from the Falls Prevention in SA course, completed by more than 1,800 people.

Having trouble? Visit our FAQ section for answers to common questions.

Throughout this online learning module, you will learn:

  • Why falls matter and the impact of a fall on a person

  • The risk factors which contribute to falls

  • How to screen for falls risk

  • The intrinsic (personal) factors which can cause falls and how to manage these

  • The extrinsic (environmental) factors which can cause falls and how to manage these

  • How to deal with a fall

You will have the option to log out and come back to complete the module any time you like. Once you have finished all modules, you will get a certificate of completion.  Each module takes about 20 minutes to complete and there are 5 modules, making the entire course about 2 hours.  There are interactive activities and quizzes to help with your understanding and learning.