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Better Ageing Grants

Move it Aus - Better Ageing Grant Program

Supporting Physical Activity in Older Australians

Active Ageing Australia applauds the Better Ageing Grants recently announced by the Australian Government. We see this as a fantastic opportunity for COLLECTIVE impact and are looking forward to the new recreation and sporting programmes and activities which will come out of these grants!

The Australian Government is investing $22.9 million over two years from 2018-19, to increase participation in physical activity among Australians aged 65 years and older. The Move It Aus - Better Ageing Grant Program aims to encourage older Australians, particularly those who are least active, to undertake 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days.

What is the Move It Aus - Better Ageing Grant Program?

The Move It Aus - Better Ageing Grant Program will support Australian organisations to develop and implement local, community-based activities which promote physical activity among older Australians. Programs will be specifically designed for an older age group.

Why is this important?

Research shows physical activity in older age has significant cardiovascular and metabolic health benefits, and helps to control weight and combat chronic disease. People in this age group are not currently receiving consistent and timely information about how and why participation in physical activity is important. This measure encourages Australians aged 65 years and over to adopt and incorporate physical activity into their everyday lives to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic disease, reduce falls and increase overall physical and mental health.


If you are looking to apply for a grant and would like our support in the form of partnership please contact

If you are looking for inspiration here are some potential starting points:

In 2017 Active Ageing Australia undertook an international literature review of best practice around the world. We are currently consolidating this information to support the Recreation and Sport sector…watch this space!

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