The Potential of the 50-plus market

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November 3, 2017
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Active for Living Exercise DVD
December 4, 2017

The International Council for Active Aging (ICAA) has created Nine Principles of Active Ageing. Below are two of these concerning promoting to older consumers and products tailored to older adults.

'Promotions: Older adults are a key market to attract. A great majority of marketers have neglected older consumers, despite the fact that within five years, the 50-plus market will account for 70% of all disposable income. Effective promotions and marketing must be rooted in the realities of life for older adults. Shifting today’s marketing model will not only meet consumer demand, but also inspire societal change.

Products: Products and services are needed that tailor to older adult needs and expectations.

Many providers today continue to focus their products and services towards youth. Research shows this lack of interest in the older consumer stems from ageism and a limited understanding of this market. By designing more inclusive products and services, organizations will benefit from the vast spending power of the age 50-plus market'.

At our recent Annual General Meeting our President, Bob Barnard (Manager Exercise Physiology, Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing) highlighted this in the thought provoking video, below.

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