COVID-19, isolation & inactivity

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February 5, 2020
COVID-19 Press Release
March 24, 2020

Take action now to prevent the effects of inactivity while home-bound

In 2003, following the outbreak of the SARS virus, in response to the issues affecting older people, Active Ageing Australia was commissioned by the Commonwealth Government to research, develop and deliver a book to support older people to exercise at home. The home exercise program, with phone support, proved both feasible and very effective.

This book’s purpose has now become relevant again. Recently updated and relaunched as “Moving For Life Your Way”, it is contains easy to understand, graded, evidence based home exercises with safety precautions and comprehensive information about staying physically active and exercising at home.

Coronavirus (COVID-19), is expected to spread into the community in Australia in the near future. While much is yet unknown, relevant facts we know are:

• older people are threatened to the greatest extent

• home quarantine and social distancing will be used to contain spread of infection.

• older people will not participate in their usual community activities; sport, gym, exercise classes, even walking.

• the lack of physical activity and exercise has immediate negative effects on older people. With lack of use, within 48 hours, muscle mass diminishes 1 – 3% each day.

Older people withdrawing from their usual physical activities will experience decline in their physical abilities. This can be prevented.

Moving for Life Your Way book, and our exercise DVD's are low cost, ready-to-go solutions and a positive message for our older population.

Organisations who need to support people at home during this period of uncertainty, should plan now how to prevent and manage the issues of isolation and lack of physical activity.

The book will soon be supported with online video instruction.

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