The Vision Web Workshop

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October 25, 2017
The Potential of the 50-plus market
November 21, 2017

We strive to be successful in a broad range of areas in our life; relationships, work, projects, health, sport, wellbeing.
YET there seems to be a growing cost; pressure, stress, fatigue, self-doubt, perhaps negativity - any of which can affect our ability to succeed. It can create a cycle.

This workshop introduces an easy to use tool I’ve designed that brings an important difference and much needed approach for today and the future. You’ll see how physical and mental wellbeing IS A POSSIBILITY as you move with important things you strive for.

You’ll experience a hands-on workshop.
You’ll use the powerful Vision Web template.

With something meaningful that you are striving to achieve - big or small, you’ll discover the approach.

What will you choose?

During the session, you’ll engage the tool and experience the impact.
You’ll walk the steps that make the difference.
The steps that hold the key.
AND you’ll discover why.

If you’re up for it… experience the unique meditation to end the session and reinforce the learning.

Take home more than a template.
Take home a new way, a new language.
It can be applied to any area of your life AND can make the difference.
It can also be used as a helpful tool to support others.

Price: $50
Limited numbers
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