Play On for Life


I can walk on a flat surface…

I can walk on uneven ground, slopes …

I can move my legs quickly, or change direction quickly

bouncing ball

I can quickly move my fingers, arms and shoulders….

I can bend or crouch to reach the ground….

lawn bowls

I can grip something firmly …


How important is being part of a team or social activities part of a sport or recreational activity?

How important is it that the activity is close to home?

How important is it that someone qualified in first aid is always present?

What is your budget?

Play On for Life
Bowls (Penant/Competitive)

lawn bowls

Lawn bowls is a game for all ages. It can be learnt in a second but takes a lifetime to master. For more information -
Bowls (Night Owls/Social)

Lawn bowls is a game for all ages. It can be learnt in a second but takes a lifetime to master. For more information contact
Tennis (Competitive)

Social tennis is loved by many older Australians. For more information -
Aqua Classes

Water based fitness class gives participants a gentle resistance work out and low-impact aerobic exercise. For more information -
Strength for Life

Older adults participating in the Strength for Life program engage in strength and balance training, progressed regularly under the supervision of fitness professionals. For more information -
Walking (social)

Walking is universally loved! It is free and can be done at your pace. Heart Foundation Walking groups are a great option for something more regular.
Walking (hiking)

Trail walking is enjoyed by many people of all ages who love getting into the great outdoors! For more information -
Walking (group/structured)

Organised walking groups give you all the advantages of walking plus opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. For more information -
Table Tennis

Table tennis is a non-impact sport for all ages and physical/mental abilities. It is a low-cost activity with proven health benefits. For more information -

Golf is loved by people of all ages and can be played in a number of ways to suit your abilities. For more information -

Croquet is a unique sport which involves hitting balls with a mallet through hoops in grass. It suits many people and abilities. For more information -
Tennis (social)

Social tennis is a game many older people enjoy. There are tennis courts available in most communities. Contact your local council to find out more.
Cycling (road with group)

Road cycling offers great fitness benefits along with socialising with group of like minded people! For more information -
Cycling (Social/Bike Path)

Social cycling is fun and flexible. It gives the chance to enjoy the outdoors and see new places. For information on cycling routes and paths in your community contact your local council.
Exercise at Home


Exercising at home has many benefits. It is affordable, convenient and requires little or no equipment to get started! Active Ageing Australia offers exercise resources to suit a wide range of physical abilities in. Visit our shop to learn more or to purchase products -

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